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Consider Astro over WordPress for your Brand’s Website

I’ve spent the last handful of years building lots of websites for company brands big and small. As the lead architect and stack decision-maker for those projects, I’ve come to one major conclusion: WordPress is great if you get it right, but if you get it right, it's quite expensive.

How is WordPress so expensive?

You might be thinking, “But WordPress is free!”

Sure, the software and often some of the most critical plugins and themes are free or even quite affordable. If your content is your main focus for your new site, go ahead and grab a nice theme and have fun. I’m specifically talking about you, dear future-someone’s-client, about your future-new custom website that showcases your brand and products/services, setting your business apart from your competition.

WordPress ends up being expensive in three ways:

Astro is a great WordPress alternative

There are lots of alternative technologies to build your website in these days. Some are entire platforms that offer as much as WordPress might, often with the same issues listed above. Some are more rigid, trading in customizability for simplicity. And some are a bit more barebones, where it takes a much more technical hand to pieces together functionalities to cover all the facets of building and managing a website.

I’m here to recommend Astro. Astro lets you build static or server-rendered websites. It’s specifically built to handle major front-end frameworks developers like to build sites in and provides a developer experience that keeps dev focused on building the site itself and not just the inter-workings of it.

There are four main reasons I think Astro is worth a long look:

WordPress is still a contender, but keep an open mind

If you have the budget and the need to manage a site very deeply and often with non-technical folks, I think WordPress is really hard to look away from. The block editor and the experience you can have in building and maintaining sites with the right componentry is great.

But if those things aren’t all true, I encourage you to take a look at Astro. Even as young of a framework that it is, it has the capabilities you need to build a beautiful, functional and scalable site.